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If you're watching , I briefly wrote about this story.

It really shows how can be abused as not only a tool for harassment, but also has been used in the past to actually set up the rapes of women.

Why is it we can watch commercials from St. Jude or Save the Children but we change the channel when the ASPCA commercial come on?

A shooting that takes place outside of a high school basketball game at night is not a 'school shooting'.

A robe is an indoor trench coat.

Oh no, tumblr is down. How will the trigger babies survive?

Got rid of Facebook comments from the site because there was no way to be notified. So get of your ass and leave a real comment.

What tools does everyone use to download videos from news websites.?

Remember, when the term was first coined, it wasn't meant as a compliment. It was meant as a harbinger of doom.

Any requests or ideas from my patrons on what I should write about tomorrow?

Do you know what the election hasn't changed? I'm still awesome.